Best Appeals Attorney in Miami | Kimberly Schultz Attorney At Law
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What is an appeal?


An appeal is a process in which the decision of a lower court is reviewed.   Often, when a party loses or is unhappy with the outcome of a court case, an appeal is requested to look at the facts again.


An appeals lawyer, like Kimberly Schultz, presents the facts of the original court case in a brief to the appeals court and tells the court where errors have been made.  The Appeals court then decides whether to affirm or reverse the decision made by the lower court.


Even if you won your court case, but the other side is unhappy, you may also need an appeals lawyer to defend your case and tell the court why the original facts were correct.


No new facts or evidence can be introduced on appeal.   The appeal process only deals with the original facts of the lower court trial.


Why you should consider hiring an appellate attorney such as Kimberly Schultz


  • An appellate attorney brings a new perspective to a case. Issues or parts of the record could have been missed because trial lawyers know their case by heart.   Often they choose one avenue to pursue, but the case can be looked at from another perspective.
  • An appellate attorney with experience can effectively gauge which arguments will help your case. They know where to emphasize the facts and how to build your case.   These facts have to be put down in an excellent brief.    An appellate attorney has these skills that an ordinary trial lawyer doesn’t have.


  • Appellate attorneys know appellate judges. An appellate judge sees a case for the very first time in appeals court.   The facts of the case have to be presented in one or two briefs and in such a way that it makes an impression.   An appellate attorney such as Kimberly Schultz knows how to best use this opportunity and how to take advantage of the limited space and time.


Kimberly Schultz strives for perfection.  She searches for truth and she protects the rule of law.   She is the best appeals attorney you could wish for.