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Condo/Homeowners Association Defense

Kimberly Schultz has represented a lot of condominiums, homeowners’ associations, and unit owners in a variety of legal matters in her career.


Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore


Living in a condo or huge apartment block has its advantages, but when conflict arises with a Homeowner’s Association or a neighbor, one tends to rethink this type of living.    Kimberly Schultz believes that these conflicts should be resolved as soon as possible, as it affects one’s quality of home life.


Issues in condos and apartments can include:


  • Noisy neighbors
  • Foreclosures
  • Selective or improper rule enforcement
  • Disputes with the Homeowners’ Association or other residents
  • Damage to vehicles and parking issues
  • Late Fees
  • Issues with pets
  • And more

Collection of outstanding fees


Kimberly Schultz has been serving community associations for the past ten years, with great success.   One of her specialties is the collection of outstanding fees, but also the interpretation and enforcement of vendor contracts.    She believes in a personalized service and provides a wealth of knowledge for condo/and home association board members and residents.


No upfront fees are charged for collection and lien services.   These fees are normally collected directly from the offending unit owner.  Kimberly Schultz believes in a firm, but respectful collection policy.


Association laws


The attorney you choose to help your condo or homeowners’ association should have a very good understanding of Florida’s condominium and homeowners’ association laws and how it should be interpreted in day-to-day practical living.


Kimberly Schultz prides herself on keeping track of new developments in this field to ensure that clients receive the correct and up-to-date information on the legal issues influencing their homes.


She understands the nature of community living and the impact that litigation can have on these communities and the associations which preside over them.


Please contact us for more information about how Kimberly Schultz can help you.