Find Best Family Lawyer in Miami | Kimberly Schultz Attorney At Law
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Family Law

What is family law?


Family Law constitutes of a broad range of rules, regulations and court procedures – all to do with children and marriage.   Common subjects in family law incorporate divorce, division of the marital estate, child support payments, child custody, adoption, guardianship, and even domestic violence issues.


Of course, some matters can be handled without legal counsel, but in our experience, wherever family is involved, emotions can run high.   A family law attorney brings calmness and a focus to the process.


Invaluable advice


You will find Kimberly Schultz is invaluable.  Not only does she have extensive legal knowledge and skills, but she also brings first-rate negotiation skills to the table.


Negotiation is the only way to resolve difficult issues in family matters and it is important to have someone by your side who understands the process.


What else is important in family law?


  • Different states have different laws governing legal partnerships other than marriage. Let Kimberly help you with the rules and regulations that you must adhere to within the state of Florida.
  • In divorce, one spouse often has to provide financial support to the other. The negotiation of alimony requires a specialized skill set that Kimberly Schultz can provide.
  • The best interests of the children involved must be foremost on the agenda and the conditions of child support and child custody carefully thought out. After all, the happiness of your future family life hinges on it.
  • Adopting or fostering a child is not easy. An array of legal issues must be kept in mind.   Kimberly Schultz can help.


Attorney Kimberly Schultz understands.   Divorce, paternity and child support issues are some of the hardest issues in life to deal with.


You will quickly see that Kimberly Schultz is not just another attorney.  She truly cares about making you and your family a priority.    She is not prone to giving up when the going gets tough.   She will stand by your side through all your family law concerns.