Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Florida | Kimberly Schultz Attorney At Law
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You need an attorney


It is highly unlikely that a homeowner can build his own successful defense to foreclosure without an attorney.   Foreclosure cases are all different and have intricate nuances that can make or break a case.


If you fall behind on your mortgage payments – typically more than 4 months – the lender can begin a foreclosure process which allows him to sell your home to repay the loan.




How can an attorney help me?


You should consider getting an attorney to help if you have a defense and you want to keep your home.   The defense must be raised in court.


Possible defenses to keep your home can include:


  • If the lender didn’t follow correct procedures and made a significant mistake.
  • In some cases, if your loan was bundled and securitized, it can be difficult for the foreclosing party to prove that it owns your loan. An experienced attorney can help you figure this out.
  • It can be that an error was made with your account. Your payments could have not been correctly allocated or unreasonable fees could have been charged.    An attorney can review your servicer payment history and see if this was the case.


Time is of the essence in a foreclosure.   Your lawyer will have limited time to act.    If you wait too long, you could miss an important cut-off date and lose your home – even if there was some legal breach during the process.


Attorney Schultz will defend your case from the beginning and look at all the possible scenarios that might save your home.  She can help you navigate the rules and recommend a range of options open to you.   For example, a loan modification or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be considered.


Please don’t try and navigate the foreclosure process on your own!   Our first consultation is free.  Contact Kimberly Schultz today to find out how she can possibly help you.